Direct Buy Member Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Direct Buy Member Login:

Direct Buy Member Login Instructions:

1. Copy the Direct Buy Member Homepage/ Login URL to your browser:

2. Notice the Login panel at the upper right side of the homepage screen, located beside their collage of pictures.

3. Input your username to the textbox provided.

4. Input your password to the textbox provided.

5. Click the Log in button located below the "forgot your username or password?" link at the log in panel to finish the process.



Direct Buy Member Login Reset Instructions

1. Enter the Direct Buy Member Homepage/ Login URL to your browser:

2. Click the "forgot your username or password?" option found in the Login panel, located just below the textbox provided for password inputs.

3. Users should automatically be redirected to this link:

4. Select the option "password" if you forgot your password and "username" if you forgot your username.

5. Follow a series of required forms to finish the process. If you forgot your password, you will be required to fill in necessary information such as your username, membership number and e-mail address. On the other hand, if you forgot your username, you will only be required to type your membership number or e-mail address to the textboxes provided.

6. After inputing the required information for password or username retrieval and/or reset, you can check your e-mail address for the links that are automatically sent to you to finalize the process.


Contact details:

Still complicated? You can also contact Direct Buy Member directly through the links provided below (since they did not provide necessary contact details such as phone numbers or formal mailing addresses):

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Facebook page:

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or you can also check out this link:

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